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I LOVE YOU Bath Bombs

#8448  ​$3.39

Body Soap: Snowflakes, Lavender Flower, May Chang

Body Scrub: Warm Vanilla Spice, Honey Bell, Pink Sugar, Sea Air Hibiscus

Shave Soap: Patchouli Bliss, 

Body Butter: Sea Air Hibiscus

Himalayan Salt Lamp
#8532  5-7 LB Salt Rock,

purifies the air of 10sqft ​$42.49

#8533  9-11 LB Salt Rock, 
purifies the air of 12sqft ​$54.95

Lip Balm: Coconut Cream, Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Mint, Mandarin & Calendula, Soothing Herbal

Made by 2 Nurses from Salem, SD

Bath Bombs, Bubble bars, and all natural deodorant made with all-natural ingredients save for you and your kiddos. Take a bath, relax, de-stress and let the bubbles take you away!!

Deodorant (Zinc Free, Natural) Arctic Scent, Clean Scent, Fresh Scent

Hugs & Kisses Bath Bomb Bucket with 10 mini hearts and bath toy #8444  ​$10.95

SODAK 57029
#7564  Freeman ​$33.95

Custom Order Available

Available towns: Menno, Marion, Olivet, Turkey Ridge, Bridgewater

Heart Bath Bombs

#8449  ​$3.39

Unique Gifts

We carry unique gifts for Everyone!

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  • The Natural Apothecary, Parkston, SD
  • A Bombs Bath & Body, Salem, SD
  • Little Birdie Pillows
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp
  • Howard's Jewelry

Himalayan Salt Lamp

All Seasonal ABomb products are 35% offwhile supplies last!  Hopefully we can bring you new items VERY soon!  

Give us a call and we will fill your order as best we can!  

Thank you for understanding!

ALL Natural Apothecary is currently 35% off while supplies last!  We are discontinuing this product line.  

Give us a call and we will fill your order as best we can! 

Thank you for understanding!  

Vintage Coordinates  ​$33.95
Custom Order Available

#7560 Freeman     #7562 Menno

#7561 Marion        #8281 Olivet

#8280 Turkey Ridge

#8279 Bridgewater

Non-irritating. Handmade. All natural. Hydrating. Our soaps are head and shoulders above the big brands in the big stores, only with a much shorter list of ingredients.

To order gifts from this website, please call us at 605-925-4200 or email us using the  Contact Us feature on this website.  

Bath Bomb Sprinkles with a Rubber Ducky bath toy #8447  ​$8.95

Magnesium Lotion, Muscle Soak, Muscle Rub

Spray Detangler Conditioner is AMAZING!  A must try!!

South Dakota Chislic

100% Made Local 
#7880  ​$33.95

Shower Steamers: Revive, Invigorate or Clearing Scents

Farm House: Life is Better on the Farm

#7567  ​$33.95

Everyone loves a good pillow.  We believe that pillows are the simplest and most cost-effective way to freshen up any home and give it that personal little touch.  Whether it’s a catchy phrase, childrens’ pillows, or their favorite team’s colors, we have a design for everyone. Customers can pick up these affordable pillows for their own homes or to use as a fun and thoughtful gift.  They are high quality, color-fast, and beautiful!

Our fabric is dye-sublimated, so the design possibilities are endless! We have the skill to design our own patterns and to manufacture any item that is sewn and/or foam-filled.  We have the technology to print any picture or design that our clients want on any of our products, as well as full monogramming and laser-etching capabilities.  Although our pillow line is new, we have been in business for five years.

Deodorant, Beard Oil, AfterShave Moisturizer - Sandalwood Boubon Scent

Muscle Soak, Vitamin Soak, Detox Soak

Body Lotion: Patchouli Bliss, Honey Bell, Pink Sugar

Shave Soap: Patchouli Bliss

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