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Non-irritating. Handmade. All natural. Hydrating. Our soaps are head and shoulders above the big brands in the big stores, only with a much shorter list of ingredients.


#2339  ​$39.99

To order gifts from this website, please call us at 605-925-4200 or email us using the  Contact Us feature on this website.  

Our Love Potion Number Nine gift set includes our #9 Bath Salt, #9 Massage Oil, and some sweets.


#5637  ​$39.99

The Natural Apothecary, Parkston, SD

Shower Steamers: Revive, Invigorate or Clearing Scents

Charcoal Rustic Soap #4150  ​$6.49

Take A Hike Jasmine Soap #4148  ​$6.49

Pumpkin Pie Rustic Soap #4548  ​$6.49

#5139 Pandamonium, Patchouli

#2343 Front Porch, Sandalwood

#558    Falling Leaves, Pumpkin Ginger Honey

#2341 Christmas Cheer, Bayberry

#2342 Coming Home, Clementine & Pinecones

#552    Holiday Cinnamon Snaps, Hot McIntosh

ABombs Products are made in Salem, SD.   Images coming SOON! ​​

Body Lotion: Patchouli Bliss, Honey Bell, Pink Sugar

Shave Soap: Patchouli Bliss

Infant Socks, Loves Me $11.99

#4850, Grandma Loves Me, Lime Green

​#4851 Grandpa Loves Me, Orange

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Unique Gifts

40 Thieves Soap

#4151  ​$6.49

Peppermint Latte

Soap #3249  ​$6.49

ABombs Bath , Salem, SD

  • I AM a Great Friend
  • I AM a Great Mom
  • I AM a Great Nurse
  • I AM a Great Sister
  • I AM a Great Teacher
  • I AM Kind
  • I AM Always with YOU
  • I AM Perfectly Me
  • I AM Smart
  • I AM Strong

Magnesium Lotion, Muscle Soak, Muscle Rub

Spray Detangler Conditioner is AMAZING!  A must try!!

Original Lavender  Soap  #3248  ​$6.49

Toddler's Socks, #5072

Fits: 1-2 years

I Love You Forever

Deodorant, Beard Oil, AfterShave Moisturizer - Sandalwood Boubon Scent

Muscle Soak, Vitamin Soak, Detox Soak

Newborn Socks, I am a Blessing

#4471, Pink, $10.99

#4472, Blue, $10.99

Positive Affirmation Socks

Body Scrub: Warm Vanilla Spice, Honey Bell, Pink Sugar, Sea Air Hibiscus

Shave Soap: Patchouli Bliss, 

Body Butter: Sea Air Hibiscus

Oh So Natural Products are made in Parker, SD.  Using all natural ingredients to formulate their fantastic products. ​​

Deodoant (Zinc Free, Natural) Arctic Scent, Clean Scent, Fresh Scent

Notes To Self Positive Affirmation Socks  $12.99 each

Available in 2 sizes, low cut socks:

  • Medium fits shoe size: Women's 6-9, Men's 4.5-8
  • Large fits shoes size: Women's 9.5-12, Men's 8.5-12

Available sayings:

  • I AM Beautiful
  • I AM Destined Greatness
  • I have Faith
  • I Love Grandma
  • I Love Grandpa
  • I AM a Great Brother
  • I AM a Great Coach
  • I AM a Great Dad

See our building restoration project

Body Soap: Snowflakes, Lavender Flower, May Chang

Ooh La Lamp Aroma Crystals

Castille Baby Soap

#3250  ​$6.49

Regular Business  Hours


#3080  ​$39.99

Oh So Natural, Parker, SD

Lip Balm: Coconut Cream, Vanilla Cake, Strawberry Mint, Mandarin & Calendula, Soothing Herbal

Rustic Shaving Soap

#4149  ​$6.49

12 oz. Aroma Crystals for the Fragrance Lamp  $12.99 

#555    Stay Awhile, Vanilla

#5638 Volcano, Fruity Citrus

#5135 Coral Sands, Strawberry Lime

#5137 Baby Me, Baby Powder

#2345 Salty Caramel, Caramel

#551    Monogrammed Linens, Lavender

#5640 White Sport Coat, Italian Bergamot​