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Smoothie Mix Jelly Belly Beans $.59/ounce

Green Apple Jelly Belly Beans $.59/ounce

Turtle Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Chocolatiers hand paint each mold - the colors and the designs are inspired works of art.  Ganache centers are made with the finest ingredients.  Infused with premium liqueurs.  Fruit truffles have true, robust flavor.

Tiramisu Truffle

$1.88 ea.

Milk Salted Divine Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Strawberry Sublime

Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Decadent, Delicious & Irresistible

NEW Flavors for the Season!

Blackberry Blast

Caramel Apple

Tropical Mix Jelly Belly Beans $.59/ounce

Cotton Candy Mix Jelly Belly Beans $.59/ounce

Artisan Truffles 

To order confections from this website, please call us at 605-925-4200 or email us using the Contact Us feature on this website.  

Caramel Apple Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Peanut Butter Love Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Sip on Caribou coffee and snack on gourmet confections while shopping our unique variety of gifts. Vintage Vault Floral pride ourselves in offering USA made treats.

49 Flavors Jelly Belly Beans $.59/ounce

Licorice Bridge Mix


Fruit Bowl Mix Jelly Belly Bean $.59/ounce

Gourmet Chocolate

Red Velvet Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Old-Fashioned Bulk Candies

Petite Sour Hearts


Kahlua Truffle

$1.88 ea.

Key Lime Truffle

$1.88 ea.

Have any gourmet chocolate boxed and wrapped for a gift for an additional charge. Add a balloon for easy gift giving!

Raspberries & Blackberries $.55/ounce


Very Cherry Jelly Belly Beans $.59/ounce

Blackberry Blast Truffle  $1.88 ea.

Mocha Madness Truffle  $1.88 ea.

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(605) 925-4200

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or balloons during

non-business hours,

please call or text Dawn at

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email Dawn at

Cherry Sours 


Dulce de Leche Truffle  $1.88 ea.